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Professor Ahmet Seyhan

Name: Ahmet Seyhan
Place of Birth: Ladik / Samsun
Date of Birth: 1962
Title: Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon, Professor at Celal Bayar Univesity (Head of the Department), Certified surgeon by Turkish Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons



* Undergraduate Ege University, School of Med. 1983
* Post-graduate Ege University, School of Med.1985
* Phd Dicle University,  School of Med. 1992


* Assit.Prof Celal Bayar University, School of Med. 1995
* Assit. Prof. Celal Bayar University, School of Med. 1999
* Professor Celal Bayar University, School of Med. 2005


Celal Bayar University: School of Medicine Head of Plastic Surgery Department
Celal Bayar University 1994 - 2012




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