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Chin Implants

Private Gazi Hospital
Private Gazi Hospital has been audited on regular time intervals by the National Private Hospital Auditing Body. Reports of auditing body has indicated that there has not been any case of MRSA which has been detected at the hospital so far.
  • Dr Cenk Tokat
    Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetics Surgeon
  • Professor Ahmet Seyhan
    Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetics Surgeon
  • Dt. Funda Erciyas
Special Deluxe Villa
RevitalizeinTurkey is one of the few clinics abroad to offer an unrivaled after-care service with its dedicated team of specialist, carers and medical advisors.

Chin Implant Operation Package Price

Hospital:Private Gazi Hospital
Hospital Stay:1 Night
Private Nursing:Included
Private Nurse during the hospital stay (private Nurses stay on 7/24 basis during the hospital stay with the patient and carry our all personal care facilities addition to regular nursing facilities of the hospital).
Pain Medications, Antibiotics and Compression Garment are provided for FREE
Accomodation:Special Deluxe Villa
Hotel Class:
Boarding:All Inclusive - Full Board
Hotel Stay:6 Nights
Transfers:Airport Transfers and Local Transfers are provided
Communication:7/24 communication with Personal Assistant
Total Stay:7 Nights
Price:2700 Pounds
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