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Breast Reduction

Private Gazi Hospital
Private Gazi Hospital has been audited on regular time intervals by the National Private Hospital Auditing Body. Reports of auditing body has indicated that there has not been any case of MRSA which has been detected at the hospital so far.
  • Dr Cenk Tokat
    Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetics Surgeon
  • Professor Ahmet Seyhan
    Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetics Surgeon
  • Dt. Funda Erciyas
Special Deluxe Villa
RevitalizeinTurkey is one of the few clinics abroad to offer an unrivaled after-care service with its dedicated team of specialist, carers and medical advisors.

Please take my advice and look no further than Revitalize In Turkey...

Paul Webster -Cairns / Australia

''I would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone about my experience with revitalize Turkey.We came to Turkey after considering many overseas countries that offer dental treatments. We choose Turkey as it is the birthplace of modern medicine and although a great distance from Australia, we found it offered a more diverse range of tourist activities. Our 1st consideration was of course the price of the dental treatments on offer. We were very surprised to find that the clinics here offered a level of professionalism that is light years ahead of Australia. In Australia our dentist had provided the wrong advice for each of our dental needs, stating that the only option was having to have braces for both myself and my daughter. When we had our 1st consultation we were told that braces were not required and we are delighted with the end result. Having a good smile opens the door to a greater range of employment options, social standings and most importantly a greater self esteem. These improvements cannot be measured in dollars alone as my whole life has now changed. There was the old me and now the new me and I cannot express in words my gratitude in my complete transformation. I would recommend Revitalize in Turkey to anyone requiring dental treatment as Izdent Izmir have the most professional most highly qualified and caring dentist's on earth. If you are in need of dental work please take my advice and look no further than Revitalize Turkey they are simply the best.''


Paul Webster - ( Australia- 61740941927)
Email Address :

Mr Alisdair Paul Webster
PO BOX 206
Mt Molloy 4871
Far North Queensland

"Liposuction" by UK

What can I say? Superb I am over excited already almost into my 3rd week now and I am able to wear the clothes that I always dreamt of. I feel changed person, I can go out and have very high self esteem, prior to operation I did not work for 7 years as i felt ashamed of my body. But now I am already joined with 2 agencies to find job as administrator. I feel so happy and would definitely recommend this doctor and REVITALIZE to anyone. The money, the treatment, the care superb. Please don't waste time in thinking just go and see for yourself how good the treatment is. 


Reviewer: UK

Age: 25-34

Location: London

Gender: male

Operation or treatment: Liposuction


"The best thing I have ever done!" by Dubai guest

My battle against over weight ended in beginning of 2010... I had lost then 30 kg but had still some extra fat on the lower part of my body... During the following one and half year, I spent hours and hours every week at the gym, trying to lose this extra fat on my thighs, doing Cardio exercises and lifting weight. I gained some muscles and my body shape improved, but still I end out with a thinner Upper body: my face had more wrinkles than ever while I am just 33, and my beast disappeared. A "75 A" bra was too big for me!!! I visited many clinics in the city were I live, Dubai UAE... Prices were incredibly high and many clients were complaining of the bad after operation follow up I tried to find a surgeon online, but still their web sites were in foreign languages, their prices were not İndicated in the site, the prices were still too high, or they were not arranging the hotel and after treatment care. I contacted Revitalize-In-Turkey in December 2010. I cannot count the number of mail I sent them to ask for so many details…they answered each one of my mails, most of the time within 24 hours with all requested details. It took me 9 months to decide to go to Izmir for the operation. I wish now I had not hesitated and lost my time! From the day the company driver picked me from the airport to the day I went back to my residency country, everything was perfect. It was the 10 most amazing and transforming days of my life. The prices were so convenient, including the doctor visits, transportation; hospital stay and the 3 stars hotel apartment; that I decided to go for many operations (breast augmentation, liposuction, fat transfer to my face, and lip augmentation) in addition to Botox injections. The total price…was the price of just the breast augmentation in my Dubai! During my first consultation with Dr Cenk, he understood exactly what I am expecting from the operation. He advised me on the size of the implants to choose, what operation I have to do and even not to do, and what I have to expect during the recovery period. Now, 6 weeks after my surgeries, I feel simply new, younger, and so confident. It did not change me from the outside only, but also & mainly from the inside. It has been years I did not wear a bikini or a tight jeans, especially in front of men. Now I do it… and enjoy how people look at me. Everything was so perfect. Today, I recommend Revitalize-In-Turkey to all my friends and relatives; and I am already planning to go back for teeth & skin treatments. We are never too beautiful!!


Reviewer: Dubai guest

Age: 25-34

Location: Dubai, UAE

Gender: female

Operation or treatment:

"Fantastic!" by yummy mummy

I have recently come back from Izmir after having a breast reduction with revitalize. I am a 25-year-old women who had extremely large breasts. I had my son 5 years ago and as you can imagine, I lost nearly 3 stone after having him, however my breast size did not go down. I had visited the NHS regarding surgery, however they did not except my reasons for wanting the surgery even though I was bullied at school and my confidence had hit rock bottom. I was recommended REVITALIZE by a friend and they have changed my life forever! The treatment I received was amazing from start to finish. I felt at ease as soon as i was picked up from the airport in a private minibus. The hotel my partner and me stayed at was amazing and the staff was so kind and helpful. The hospital was so clean and my thoughts of being in a foreign country, well lets say i completely forgot about my worries. This experience is one of my best coming second to the birth of my son. I would recommend REVITALIZE to anyone wanting a fresh start and an amazing experience to follow. I will be returning!!!! 3 words to describe them 1. thoughtful 2. considerate 3. The best! . Thank you xx


Reviewer: yummy mummy

Age: 25-34

Location: Portsmouth, uk

Gender: female

Operation or treatment: breast reduction

"Such expertise and such low cost......would thoroughly recommend!!!" by Kerry D

Amazing! I will never go anywhere else for surgery again for as long as Revitalize are around. Such a superb team, very welcoming, very caring and very thorough. I had breast augmentation for the first time in the UK back in 2001 and after having to have them re-done I chose Revitalize after doing thorough research myself on surgery abroad. I was a bit apprehensive about going abroad but made sure I covered every angle and to be fair, they did a better job than Transform in the UK did. The surgeon was very lovely and spoke great English, he was there every step of the way through to removing splints, bandages etc. My nose is still taking a little while to settle, but that is to be expected, my breasts are amazing, the next thing I will need in a few years is a lift and will definitely go back here! Thanks Revitalize! Top Class Team!


Reviewer: Kerry D

Age: 25-34

Location: W.Sussex, UK

Gender: female

Operation or treatment: Breast Re-Augmentation and Rhinoplasty

"Revitalize In Turkey" by JackieB

I had mastopexy surgery with Revitalize in January 2010. Not knowing what to expect, I flew out alone with some trepidation but I needn't have worried. I was met at the airport by Hussein, the driver and driven to the apartment, which was spacious, clean and very comfortable. Next morning I was collected and taken to my pre-operative consultation with the surgeon. Prior to this, communications by email with the team were excellent. All the staff speak English fluently so there were no problems getting understood and I was happy with the surgeon's qualifications and analysis. I was then taken to the well-equipped state-of-the-art private Gazi hospital in Izmir for my surgery, where I was checked upon by the surgeon and cared for by 24/7 nursing staff in a lovely room, as well as Tuba, the private nurse appointed by Revitalize who watched over me for the whole of my stay. I was checked upon during my recuperation by the team until I was able to fly home completely recovered. One year later, I'm very pleased with my results and as such, have become their UK Agent, advising prospective patients about the process and giving them information and hints and tips for staying in Turkey for surgery. Many patients return for further procedures which I think speaks volumes for the skills of the surgeons they contract, as well as the service of the company, which is evidently very committed to patient care.


Reviewer: JackieB

Age: 35-44

Location: Dorset, England

Gender: female

Operation or treatment: Mastopexy

"Quality of care with professionalism" by riviera

My overall experience with revitalize was professional, caring, consideration to what I wanted out of surgery, friendly and value beyond belief. From day one when I arrived in Izmir I had full support and care, even the little things were taken care of The outcome of my surgery has given me a new lease of life, with confidence that shines through. I will definitely be going for surgery to revitalize when I feel the time has come for more, you only live once and revitalize has given me the second me. Its great Thank you Revitalize


Reviewer: riviera

Age: 45-54

Location: leeds england

Gender: female

Operation or treatment: face lift, tummy tuck and breast lift with implant

"Top Class Treatment" by backwardsbarbie

As an experienced medical tourist (having undergone procedures in the UK, India and latterly Turkey) I can vouch confidently for the quality of care offered by this organization. The surgeon Dr Tokat is excellent -very caring and professional and clearly technically an excellent surgeon. The team at RevitalizeInTurkey goes out of their way to ensure your comfort at all times. the communication and customer service is first class. Considering surgery abroad? - Look no further!!!


Reviewer: backwardsbarbie

Age: 45-54

Location: manchester UK

Gender: female

Operation or treatment: breast lift, face lift, neck lift, upper and lower

"never go anywhere else" by chryssie

well not to clever on the spelling and grammar so will write in own words! From the first time I emailed Revitalize I knew i had made a good choice! Arriving was reassuring as met straight away apartment was 5 star for me, staff were so kind and caring, I went from bubbly to very quiet turan and all the staff knew this was because i was so nervous and looked after me! pre surgery was spoken to showed pictures and advised (what a surgeon so clever). In the hospital tuba looked after me so very well and the other nurses also mehtap and turan also did! The surgeon and anesthetist came to see me gave me huge pre-med as was a wreck of nerves! Woke up was pretty sick but it was stopped everytime! Tuba then took over (fab) didn't sleep tuba and I chatted most of the night! next day went back to apartment after being checked and bandages changed went back to apartment , was called and checked all the time was tearful and they treated me so well. Some people recover faster than others and in the waiting room waiting for post ops checks I felt feeble and was told chryysie everyone recovers differently go at your own pace! Just a warning if others are faster that you! I am so happy with my results I had a breast lift and reduction I’m a size 6 to 8 and had 28" ff cup now I’m 28 b I think but still waiting as only had done 10 days ago! If anyone wants to call me regarding any thing I will be happy to respond my email is I will give you number then! I’m not in the good earning bracket and saved so hard for this and it did not break the bank and boy am I happy! Also had my lips pumped up they are looking good too! Please all these reviews are really from all us really happy patients! You would never get this care or treatment in the UK even if you went to the top surgeon! Go on make a start email turan you won't look back!!!!!!!!!!! my daughters busty and hates them and If I would let my precious daughter go there! This says it all doesn't it, thank you to all the wonderful staff from, chryssie cusack


Reviewer: chryssie

Age: 45-54

Location: london uk

Gender: female

Operation or treatment: breast reduction and lift

"Excellent and professional" by lizzygeorge

I have to say I was extremely impressed with the complete package from being met at the airport taken to apartments, being looked after by the staff from Revitalize and hospital care but most all I have to thank the brilliant and charming surgeon Dr Cenk. 10 days later and my friends cannot believe how good I am looking. This is my first experience with any cosmetic surgery and I would not hesitate in recommending Revitalize In Turkey. Truly I was very well cared for and very happy to be looking younger!!


Reviewer: lizzygeorge

Age: 55 yrs and above

Location: London UK

Gender: female

Operation or treatment: rhinoplasty upper/lower eyelids lips

"I am ecstatic with the results." by Ecstatic

Dr.Cenk is professional without being aloof or condescending. I felt at ease or trusted him immediately. I was happy and secure to go forward based on his opinions and expertise. The hospital care and hygiene were excellent. I feel it would rival private care in the UK and certainly outdid the NHS. I am ecstatic with the results and wonder how British doctors and cosmetic surgery companies can justify their charges. My advise is to come to turkey and use Revitalize.


Reviewer: Ecstatic

Age: 25-34

Location: Southhampton, UK

Gender: female

Operation or treatment: Tummy Tuck, Breast Uplift, Liposuction

"No worries." by woz1707

After much deliberation over cosmetic surgery i contacted Revitalize. Having been a Turkey holiday addict for years i knew there health care would be first rate and I wasn't disappointed. It's far better than here in the UK and a fraction of the price. I had my upper and lower eyes done and a lower face lift. The eyes I would have done again tomorrow because after a week you couldn't tell I'd had anything done. The results were fantastic. The lower facelift took a little longer to heal but I'm still happy with the results. Nobody could tell I'd had anything done but people did comment that I looked different but didn't know why. Just what I wanted. Overall the whole package was superb and i would recommend it to anyone who was thinking about having some work done.


Reviewer: woz1707

Age: 45-54

Location: Yorkshire

Gender: male

Operation or treatment: Upper and lower eyes, Lower face lift

"Amazing and Professional" by saac

From arriving in Izmir, to having the treatments done, this service is first class, i would like to thank all the Revitalize team for their help in everything they did for me, also a huge thank you to the lovely Dr Cenk, the man has magic hands, I am that amazed with the surgery that i am going back in October to have some more done, and my husband is coming to, to have his teeth done, I would recommend to anyone that asks


Reviewer: saac

Age: 45-54

Location: Manchester

Gender: female

Operation or treatment: Lip, Breast Augmentation, Upper Eye, Mid Face Lift

"5*" by Giuseppe

I used to weigh 19 and 1/2 stone after losing 7st dieting I was left with a lot of excess skin which was always reminding me off da past and making simple things in life like swimming and going holidays a nightmare as I was uncomfortable to be seen the way I was I got a quote in England and was quoted more than 10,000 for the work that needed to be done. I had the work done at revitalize for less than half the price all including accommodation flights insurance etc....I had a tummy tuck and breast reduction in November and am now healing very quickly. I love the results I have now booked a holiday for June and cant wait to show off the new body. REVITALIZE is a very good company which made me feel at ease as soon as I arrived, as I was worried because off it being an operation abroad and you tend to hear a lot off stories about things going wrong... I was reassured that every thing would be ok and once I met my surgeon I knew he had full control off matters! All in all they were very friendly, helpful, kind, professional and best off all CHEAP with AMAZING RESULTS!! Thanks for changing my life Revitalize :)


Reviewer: Giuseppe

Age: 16-24

Location: London

Gender: male

Operation or treatment: Tummy Tuck and Male Breast Reduction

"Do not think Twice, go for it" by Mich

Hi there. I had 2 procedures done in 1 hit. This was a procedure I wanted for such a long time I thought the only chance I had been to get this completed abroad. I was well nervous at the time but the surgeon was excellent where he was understandable. The support you receive from all round is extreme and would be miles better than receiving any kind of aftercare in the UK. The only advice i would say is research the area that you are going to. I was more concerned about researching the company and the pros and cons and nothing else. But the most important advice is if you want it done you must have it done with this company they are brilliant so don't think it just do it. Thank guys. All the best. xx


Reviewer: Mich

Age: 35-44

Location: Southern England

Gender: female

Operation or treatment:


I had a tummy tuck and breast lift surgery in October 2010. It was not an easy decision. I am 57 years old and generally felt good for my age. However, when Summer came around and I went to the beach, I always felt self-conscious and embarrassed about my tummy. I lost quite a lot of weight a few years ago, and my tummy refused to return to its previous state. I pondered the question to two of my close friends, I thought they would say I shouldn't have surgery, but both of them said "why not?" That's when I realized I really needed to do something about it. No amount of exercise would move the jelly belly. I started browsing the internet and discovered "Revitalize." I am familiar with Turkey and felt confident and comfortable about receiving medical treatment there. I researched the surgeon Dr Cenk, I even initiated a Turkish friend to research his medical background and I asked for references. Revitalize came up with all the answers and I was able to talk to a former patient, the same age as myself who had undergone the procedures. I was impressed with Revitalize's professionalism and their straightforward package price. Even so, it took me a few months before I plucked up the courage and arranged a consultation and date for surgery. My consultation was arranged for the morning of my surgery, at no time was I pressured into the surgery and the surgeon was very honest with me about the outcome. I was unsure whether or not to have the breast lift surgery and worried about the scarring. However Dr Cenk recommended I have the breast lift that would aesthetically balance my body after the tummy tuck. I was shown many photographs of patients before and after surgery and I asked for time alone to consider whether or not to proceed. To be frank, I was petrified. However, having come this far decided to go ahead. It was the right decision. I am now four months post-surgery and I feel like a different woman. I cannot believe how flat and taught my tummy is. The scarring on my breasts is fading and now the swelling has subsided they have taken on their new shape, as they used to be some years ago! My clothes fit me so much better; I can wear jeans and fitted jumpers and am looking forward to the summer when I can swim and not have to cross my arms across my tummy when I come out of the sea! The Revitalize team is excellent and fluent English speakers. The post-operative care was excellent. I spent two nights in hospital with an English speaking carer who was incredibly kind to me. I then spent five nights in the hotel/apartment and was prescribed painkillers (I only ever needed to take two.) I was collected from the hotel and taken to Dr Cenk's clinic for my post-operative appointments and was in daily contact with one of the Revitalize team who asked after my welfare. In truth I was never "in pain." I was uncomfortable for a few days, but on day five after the operation I went for a gentle stroll in Izmir and lunch with my husband, who had joined me four days after my operation. One week after the operation the bandages came off, I was able to walk upright and travel home. Two weeks after the operation I was leading a "normal" life, although taking things easy and not doing any heavy work, but was able to walk the dog, and do my usual daily chores. If you are having a tummy-tuck, I would definitely opt for the Hotel/Apartment Residence. It was spotlessly clean, furnished to a high standard and very comfortable. Meals and shopping can be delivered to you. Although not in the most salubrious part of Izmir, as it is self-contained so you will not need to venture out if you don't want to (however I did, it's safe!). Be sure to take a taxi to the lovely area of Alsancak, only 5 minutes away, where there are many lovely restaurants and pavement cafes on the seafront. Take plenty of books and DVDs. I would not hesitate to recommended Revitalize to anyone. In fact after seeing my results and hearing of my experience two of my friends are considering abdominoplasty and breast implants. People remark on how well I look and how much slimmer I am, I feel more confident. I was always realistic about my age and the outcome, but the results have exceeded my expectations. I am delighted. Thank you Revitalize and Dr Cenk.


Reviewer: KELLY

Age: 55 yrs and above

Location: UK

Gender: female

Operation or treatment: TUMMY TUCK AND BREAST LIFT

"Exceptional service" by Faith

I had lipo and tummy tuck in Jan '11. Right from day one did not have any problems. Communication was excellent prior to surgery, all the information provided before surgery was accurate and professional. From arrival to departure everything was well organized. Visits to the clinic, surgery at the hospital and the aftercare and follow up visits were of very high standard. And obviously the result was excellent and has really changed my life. Being a doctor myself I was impressed with the professionalism and the hospitality provided by Revitalize. I certainly recommend them for treatment.


Reviewer: Faith

Age: 35-44

Location: Manchester

Gender: male

Operation or treatment: Lipo and tummy tuck

We were very pleased with the outcome...


1) How would you rate the initial correpondance with RevitalizeinTurkey?
We found it very helpful and full of information about the procedure and aftercare.

2)What would you comment about the advice and guidance you received from Revitalize before you make the decision to come for the treatment?
We received sufficient information from RevitalizeinTurkey. 

3) What was the main reason for you to choose RevitalizeinTurkey?
Because of the good feedback and due to the cost.

4) How was your flight journey like?
It was fine.

5) What would you comment about the airport pick-up facilities?
We found them very helpful, excellent service.

6) How was the accomodation like?
We found it very clean and comfortable, residence staff was very friendly and helpfull.

7) What would you comment about the consultation?
We felt very comfortable in consultation and all of our questions where answered.

8) What would you comment about the hospital care and hygiene?
Hospital staff where pleasant, and rooms were comfortable.

N Milne/Glasgow-Scotland
Phone Number: 1417740847


Revitalize has given me back the confidence...


1) How would you rate the initial correpondance with RevitalizeinTurkey?
I found suprisingly fantastic. From the first phone, to the consultation and to the meeting at the airport it is very good. They always put my mind at ease and answered fully all of my questions.

2)What would you comment about the advice and guidance you received from Revitalize before you make the decision to come for the treatment?
It was exactly as they advised, even better. 

3) What was the main reason for you to choose RevitalizeinTurkey?

4) How was your flight journey like?
It was a very quick 5 hours flight and very comfortable.

5) What would you comment about the airport pick-up facilities
I found the pick-up great, although there was a mix-up  (on my behalf )

6) How was the accomodation like?
 Accomodation was lovely and clean rooms. The staff is very nice. Manager was great for travel advice. I feel very comfortable.

7) What would you comment about the consultation?
My consultation with the surgeon (although I was very nervous ) was extremely informative. He listened my needs and advised me against getting my arms done as I would be in too much pain and not be able to move my body at all.

8) What would you comment about the hospital care and hygiene?
The surgeon English is very good, I can communicated with him easily. The hospital is very clean and modern

9) How was the post-operative care part like?
I was nervous about getting my bandages removed I had no need to be . The surgeon was very understanding and very charming and knew how to put you at ease. I had to be some of my tummy a small revision ( although painful for me as I hate pain ) was very efficient.  

10) What would you comment about your overall experience with RevitalizeinTurkey?
From the first phone call that Turan made to me after my initial enquiry I instantly felt comfortable. He didn't speak like a salesman and put me in touch with a former patient. She helped me through. 
All the negative thoughts I had gathered in my head previously. I was originally supposed to come a few weeks ago with my husband and daughter ( for company ) But the flights were cancelled. I ended up travelling over alone which was very nerve wrecking.

I enjoyed my consultation with both the surgeon and the dentist. And they both exceeded in my estimations as I had problems with both my crowns and tummy tuck.  But were quickly altered painlessly.

I got my full porcelain crowns on my front two teeth as I had an accident and the were both dead and yellow. I end go up with root canal treatment ( very cheaply ). So as to stop an infectionas my teeth were in bad condition. The dentist was absolutely fantastic.

I am going home to Ireland like a new women and I Revitalize. Thank for that. Money can not replace how I feel as it is PRICELESS. 



Renee C./Dublin-Ireland
Tel Number:  00353539427379/ 00353851991107
Email Address:


RevitalizeinTurkey was totally committed to total client care...


The surgeon was very professionaþ and my results after one week were amazing. The denstist took into account my fears abd dealt with them in a caring way. The hospital staff were efficient and all treatments were delivered on time. Turan always answered all questions and left me informed at all times. I was impressed by the two drivers who had to tussle with the heavy traffic and did not travel too fast to avoid causing an extra pain. On arriving at Hotel, I was offered a massage by RevitalizeinTurkey and found this very relaxing before surgery. She was an excellent massause. Revitalize-in-Turkey was totally committed to total client care. The hotel staff were very accomodating and the food was excellent. I will be returning in August and December and have no worries that I won't be taken care of. Best wishes to all future patients.


Margaret M. /Ireland


I would recommend revitalizeinturkey to anyone...


1-) What was the main reason for you to choose RevitalizeinTurkey?
After reading the website and already knowing what the offer in the UK would be like, I chose RevitalizeinTurkey because of the cleanliness of hospital.

2-) How was your flight journey?

3-) What would you comment about the airport pick-up facilities?
Brilliant, the driver is very friendly and you feel %100 safe.

4-) What would you comment about the consultation?
I felt my consultation was %100 all-round and straightforward. The prime interest was on the true guidance and my well-being, but not about the financial interest of the company.

5-) How would you comment about the hospital and the hygiene?
The hospital was %100 clean, Tuba, the carer, is a queen.

6-) How was your post-operative care like?

7-) What would you comment about your overall experience with RevitalizeinTurkey?
I would recommend RevitalizeinTurkey to anyone...

Jacquie Heqimaj - Blackpool
OPERATION: Face-Lift, Tummy Tuck, Arm Lift, Breast Augmentation
PHONE NUMBER: 01253 290977




Maybe Reading This will Help You to Decide...


I looked at countless websites offering cosmetic surgery.  There were a few with a couple of perks thrown in, but they were far too expensive for a person like me.  I began to feel that maybe it was a luxury that only a few women could experience.Then I contacted  “Revitalize in Turkey”  As with so many companies before I emailed them to find out what the catch was!  Waiting for disappointment again.  But I began to realise that this could actually become reality and when I was told of the cost I was elated!  I thought still that there was going to be a catch and  I asked many questions , (probably too many!!) but Turan answered every one of them politely and confidently.  He even insisted that should I have any more questions  not to hesitate to contact him again.  His English was very good so communication was easy.  I was asked to send various photo’s of myself to the surgeon for his assessment.  I told the consultant about the parts of my body and face that I was unhappy with.  I asked for Liposuction to various parts of my body legs, arms, knees, tummy.  My face was looking saggy and I wanted a face lift, my boobs had gone south so I wanted a breast augmentation.  My surgeon was to be Professor Ahmet Seyhan.  Right from the very start I felt at ease, in fact Turan is now known in the family as “our Turkish friend”.  We stayed in touch constantly in the time leading up to my surgery and he would send me a message asking how I was feeling!  The date was set !  We would leave for Izmir on the 8th October 2007.  I was so excited.  My partner Mark and my 5 year old daughter Chloe were coming with me, Turan arranged it all.  He had arranged  for the two of them to stay with me in the hospital.  The hospital room was like a 5 star hotel.  It had a lounge with a double sofa bed, a beautiful bathroom , and a room containing a table and chairs.  The hospital was state of the art, far more advanced than any in the UK! 

Click the link below to see Elaine"s MakeMeHeal  posting and "BEFORE AND AFTER" photos

Elaine Larcher-UK/Buckhingamshire 


Awesome results & great value & excellent service & wonderfull doctor...


"Awesome results great value excellent service wonderful doctor glad i chose RiT"


R. Pribilski. USA/Chicago




My husband and I would like to thank you for all the help and kindness you gave us on our recent visit to Izmir. We would also like to thank Prof. Seyhan and his team on the fantastic work he has done. The photos speak for themselves.

We contacted Revitalize several months ago with reference to my having cosmetic surgery and since then you dealt with every query that we had with a level of professionalism, efficiency, and care that was second to none. You were available 7/24 while we were in Izmir and have been in regular contact since, and not just on a professional basis.

After sending you the many photographs you requested, Prof. Seyhan recommended the procedures he thought would give the best results. I was particularly pleased that Prof. Seyhan rejected several procedures that I requested initially as not being necessary. Indicating to us, that Revitalize and Prof. Seyhan are driven by results and customer satisfaction. A refreshing relief in this day of profit driven sales.

After many emails and telephone calls I eventually agreed an initial package to have facial work and breast augmentation/uplift. Particularly pleasing to me was that Prof. Seyhan could repair an area of my right temple that had concaved after I had major brain surgery 2 years ago (which also took its toll on me).

We arrived in Izmir to be met by you and transferred to The Izmir Princess Hotel for 1 night. The next day we were taken to meet with Prof. Seyhan for the FINAL CONSULTATION.

My husband and I researched this very thoroughly and we had been very pleased with everything we had discovered about your company and Prof. Seyhan, HOWEVER this consultation was the point were I had to make the final decision whether or not to go ahead. Questions were racing inside, both my husbands head and mine.

Well, to cut a long story short, within a short time of meeting Prof. Seyhan we were both completely confident of his ability and desire to do an excellent job. His level of professionalism was unbelievable and the fact that he is very easy to talk to, connected with a good sense of humour (which fortunately he does not take into the operating theatre with him) eased our last worries totally.


After seeing me and checking me over thoroughly, Prof. Seyhan recommended a few alternative procedures that he thought would benefit me, explaining in lay mans terms exactly why he thought that I would benefit.After a very lengthy consultation, not rushed in any way, final agreement was reached.

We were then transferred to the hospital, my room was great, and many 5 star hotels cannot provide rooms as good as this. A visit from the Anaesthetist and some more checks and I was prepared for surgery, still feeling very relaxed and confident. Lastly another visit from Prof. Seyhan resulted in my being ‘marked up’. Looking like a road map, I was finally given my pre-op meds and wheeled to the operating theatre, now even more relaxed.

After surgery I spent 2 days in hospital, with care provided by the excellent nurses, and visits by Prof. Seyhan. My husband stopped in the room with me and slept on a very comfy day bed. We were then transferred back to the Princess Hotel where we stayed for the next 11 days, with visits back to the clinic, for check ups on the recovery. The hotel was excellent, and the quiet location was great for allowing me to R & R after my surgery, but with plenty to do to keep my husband from becoming bored.

The staff was great and very thoughtful of my just having had surgery. Any minor thing that we could not sort ourselves you were always on hand to sort these out.Although these were very few. What is a very major undertaking, in having cosmetic surgery, and can be very stressful, you made relatively easy, problem free and as comfortable as possible.


Ahmet (Prof. Seyhan) carried out an excellent job and took many years off me (I will not take legal action for stealing those years, Ha Ha) and we can only say that he is an excellent surgeon who takes pride in his work, knows exactly what he is doing, and will not carry out unnecessary procedures just for the sake of it.

Once again thank you to you all, for an excellent job, very professionally and thoughtfully done.

We will see you in June; we will come to visit when we are on holiday in Turkey.


Thank you


Elaine D


I highly recommend the service...


The company is more medically advanced than many U.S. hospitals.  They cleaned my room twice a day.  My surgeon saw me for the presurgery consultation.  Before surgery, the next morning he was there replacing my bandages, he stopped back in at 8pm that night and again at 4pm the next day when I was released.  I saw him a final time before I left Turkey.  That does not happen in the U.S. very often!

My liposuction was done with the smallest instrument and was laser which melted the fat, so I only had anesthesia and did not require any pain killers.  I was climbing up a mountain 3 days later!

I am going back probably next spring to have a eye and chin lift.  So yes I highly recommend the service.  Turkey is also a beautiful place to visit!


Laura.W / USA-Las Vegas



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